Q: What are the costs associated with studying the violin/viola/cello/keyboard?
A: The things you will need for private or group lessons are:

-A violin/viola/cello outfit with bow (most outfits come with rosin which you need for your bow) adult size is 4/4. This will cost anywhere from $30-$50 a month. Leggy Fish Music Lessons, Metzlers, and LA Violin Shop often have a rent to own policy where the money you put into renting goes towards the cost of purchase if you wish to purchase. Keyboard students do need to purchase or rent a keyboard with 88 weighted keys.

-A book; All For Strings Book #1 for violin, viola, cello students (these can be purchased from me, online or from your local violin shop such as Metzler's Violins or LA Violin Shop). I do a lot of photocopying, and you may need other books as you progress in your studies. This will cost anywhere from $5-$7. Keyboard students do need the Alfred's Basic Piano Library Lesson Book 1A.

-Violin/Viola students only need a shoulder rest (popular brands are Everrest and Kun) which will help you hold your instrument up on your shoulder without strain. A shoulder rest can cost as little as $15-$25 and will last a long time. Cello students need a chair strap or donut.

Other items:
-Music stand. A music stand is necessary for you to read your music without sacrificing technique. You can purchase a music stand at any music store online or your local violin shop for as little as $10 and will last a long time.
-Metronome and Tuner (I use the Cleartune ap on my smartphone to tune and Steinway's free metronome to help keep tempo. There are a lot of free aps). A tuner and a mentronome (often combined in one unit) can cost as little as $10 and will last a long time.
-Music flashcards. These are useful tools in learning to read music. They cost anywhere from $3-$15. You can even download an ap.

​Q: Can we take lessons in your music studio?​
A: Yes! Services we offer take place in our Atwater Village music studio. Our studio is a comfortable home environment.

Q: Should I rent or buy a violin/viola/cello/keyboard?
​A: Rentals are the best option for beginners. They're affordable. instruments can be costly to repair, and for fractional-sized instruments, the repair may sometimes cost more than the ​instrument itself. There are more options for adults or those deciding to rent or purchase a full sized instrument.

For keyboard studies, a 88 key weighted keyboard is necessary to provide responsiveness to finger pressure for musical variety like volume, control, sustain, etc.

Here is a guide on standard instrument sizes for violin
1/16--3 to 5 years old
1/10-3 to 5 years old
1/8-3 to 5 years old
1/4-4 to 7 years old
1/2-6 to 10 years old
3/4-9 to 11 years old
​4/4--9 years old and older

​Here is a guide on standard instrument sizes for viola
12"--6-7 years old
13"--7-9 years old
14"--9-12 years old
15"--small adult, child 10-12 years old
15.5"--average adult
16"-16.5"--large adult

Here is a guide on standard instrument sizes for cello
​1/4 --5-7 years old
1/2--7-11 years old
3/4--11-15 years old
4/4--15 years and older

Q: Can I cancel a scheduled lesson?​
A: One Cancellation A Month Permitted: Leggy fish Music Lessons now permits ONE cancellation of a lesson per student per month with NO exceptions. The student has 2 weeks to schedule a live makeup lesson. a short video lesson from the teacher will be sent via e-mail in lieu of other lessons cancelled.

24-Hour Cancellation/Late Policy: If you need to use your once a month cancellation, please let us know 24 hours before your scheduled lesson IN WRITING via e-mail to nancy@leggyfishmusiclessons.com. if lesson is not cancelled within 24 hours, it will be charged as a lesson.

​Cancellations occurring less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment will result in a full charge for the session. If the instructor cancels a lesson, lessons will be made up within 2 weeks. Teachers are committed to wait 15 minutes for late students. Unfortunately, time cannot be made up if the student is late. In addition, if a student fails to show for their scheduled lesson at all, it will still be counted and charged as a lesson.