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October is a magical month! For centuries, composers and artists have written and performed music inspired by the fall season and Halloween. Gleeful, mysterious, comical, and chock full of minor keys...we hope you find a way to enjoy making spirited music for yourself and for others!

First, we wanted to extend our appreciation to those who made purchases of lessons, rentals, and accessories last month. We donated 5% of our profits to the Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward to help animals in need displaced by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, TX. 

In this month's newsletter, check out October's artist spotlight featuring the talented Ayoub Sisters who play violin, cello, and piano! If you are looking for even more inspiration from wonderful violinists, cellists, violists, and keyboard players that play classical, jazz, fiddle, or multi genres of music, check the links for the Be Inspired!--under the Resources tab on the website. 

And not to be missed, check out Pianist and Fish of the Month, little Ada for her very insightful and inspiring experiences with the piano and lovely tips on practicing. If you would like to read more about more practice tips from other students at all different age levels and different skill levels, please browse Fish of the Month and Practice Tips From Students Like You!

In honor of October, Leggy Fish Music Lessons tune of the month is the classic tune from Disney's Fantasia, "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" composed by Paul Dukas. Ask for the sheet music arranged for your instrument at your next lesson! Or spontaneously create your own Harvest soundtrack. Read our segment "Let loose and play...creativity, improvisation, and the brain".

We encourage all current students to attend our much anticipated October 28th free Bimonthly String Fling! Dress up in your Halloween costume if you wish, and enjoy snacks while making spooky music with other students. Please RSVP by October 20th.

Be sure to check out the updated event dates in this letter. We've also added another date on the calendar; a Leggy Fish Music Lessons field trip on October 11th to see the talented violinist, Jennifer Koh at the Angel City Brewery! This very unique way of experiencing classical music is open to adults 21+ due to the venue. Under 21 years old or need a family-friendly venue? Catch her and gaze at art at another free event at Hauser and Wirth October 15th.
If you're seeking another classy outing, check out famed violinist Gil Shaham and his pianist Akira Eguchi at the Walt Disney Concert Hall October 18th. Tickets can be purchased on the LA Phil's site.

Our Winter recital is November 4th! Some of our students will take the opportunity to share their music and are hard at work. Not planning to take the stage this time? Please join our audience in supporting these wonderful performers. All guests are welcome! We're also still seeking sponsors for the Winter Recital from local businesses.

Lastly, there are a few reminders of the wonderful opportunities Leggy Fish Music Lessons offers including a reminder of the New Student Special available to all new students.

I enjoy building community and engaging in beautiful discussions about music. I hope you have a chance to read this newsletter and continue joining us in conversation on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. If you have any suggestions or topic ideas for improving the content of the newsletter, please feel free to let me know. 

Head Instructor and Owner of Leggy Fish Music Lessons



​​1.) Listen, listen, listen to all kinds of music and various instrumentalists to stir your creativity---Try picking out one line; the bass line, the rhythm, the melodic line...and see if you can interpret that on your violin. Open strings work just fine for trying out rhythms!

2.) See how many ways you can play a piece of music; can you play the ppp passages fff? Can you make a decrescendo instead of a crescendo? What about making a photocopy of your current piece of music and writing in your own bowings, your own dynamics, your own articulation? Try your hand at editing the composer's work by being as creative as you can. Record your version and record the original version and note the differences!

3.) Take a simple melody like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and make your own variation. Play it in a different key, make up your own rhythm with the original notes, or improvise a little solo in between each measure while keeping tempo!

4.) Think of a person, place or thing and improvise a musical story on it!

5.) See how many different sounds you can create on your instrument with just 2 notes. How about 3? How about 4? You would be surprised with the amount of melodies you can create with just a few notes and rhythms.

6.) Jam to your favorite recording!

7.) Put your favorite movie or cartoon on mute and create your own soundtrack with your instrument! Record it and share it with your family and friends.

8.) Create your own tune; leave the recorder on and go back and listen to it a few days later..picking out the parts you like (or use staff paper to write your composition down).

9.) Have a musical conversation! Try playing the conversation you have, word for word. It's even more fun when you do this with other musicians (perhaps not so fun with non musicians!).

10.) Think of a particular rhythm that you know and like while playing any notes you choose on your instrument!

These are just a few creative ideas I created. Think of some of your own and feel free to share with me at your next lesson!