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​"Both my son and I look forward to our lessons each week!  She keeps lessons interesting, explaining both theory and technique and always brings a very positive and encouraging energy to every lesson. Nancy is a great teacher for both kids and adults. She makes a 30 minute lesson fly by and works to keep the material fun and aligned with each student's interests!"
-Sarah G. (Parent of 9 year old learner and adult learner) Santa Monica, CA

"Nancy is my daughters third and favorite violin instructor. She is wonderful on every level. She is an enthusiastic professional, an encouraging teacher, and a lovely person all around. My daughter looks forward to her lesson each week and, from what I hear, is clearly making rapid progress. After spinning our wheels with two other teachers and feeling my daughter drag her feet to lessons every week for the past year, Nancy is a revelation! My girl loves the violin again and we love Nancy :)"
-Juli H. (Parent of 12 year old learner) Los Angeles, CA

"This is an authentic 5-star review. Our son is nearing his 1 year anniversary with Nancy at Leggy Fish Music Lessons. His development has been remarkable. One violin lesson a week, and under Nancy's skilled and creative guidance he has progressed to a meaningful level of confidence, competence, and recently being able to not only read but now begin to write and compose music. From starting at "zero" one year ago, this is phenomenal. Aside from playing video games, playing music now is the other thing he wants to do, which we are thrilled about. If you are considering taking lessons from Nancy at Leggy Fish, we completely endorse doing so, without reservation. Nancy is a wonderfully gifted teacher and musician. Her personal energy is just right, and from her work with our son I imagine she establishes the exact right rapport for each one of her students, intuitively. She is always respectful, inspiring, gently firm as needed, invested in her student in a genuine way. We occasionally see other parents and students in passing prior or after our son's lesson; all seem assured and positive in demeanor, which to me is reflective of their time spent under Nancy's teaching and guidance. 5-stars from a parent."
-Evan C. (Parent of 14 year old learner) Los Angeles, CA

​"I have learned violin from Nancy for almost 10 months. She is my second violin teacher. Violin is the most wonderful and difficult music instrument to master. A teacher plays a big role in being successful. Compared with my first teacher, who I quit after a few months, Nancy has made a huge difference for me. She is highly skilled in both music and teaching. She has a great passion and devotion to music teaching. She is professional, responsible, friendly, funny, a good communicator and no-nonsense in class. She also uses modern teaching methods; each student can access their class notes online after. To keep us motivated and encouraged, Nancy has "string flings" and recital programs periodically. Nancy has played violin for over 30 years, and she also teaches other instruments. I had one-hour private violin lessons to start, and just recently  I added another half-hour piano lesson. I couldn't expect more from a music teacher than what Nancy does. I plan to stay with her for some years until I achieve my goals. Highly recommended."
-Jingyi S. (Adult Learner) Los Angeles, CA 

  "When I got the bug to play violin two years back, I began the online search that you're doing right now. You can stop here because I doubt you'll find a teacher with the talent, determination and efficiency that Nancy brings to the table. As a musician (and teacher), I've seen many different ways to motivate. Nancy has a natural gift of communicating the joy that the instrument brings to her. She also allows her students to  learn the fundamentals by practicing music that they are passionate about, always open to discussion about what inspires them as musicians. She also provides you with a list of everything you should work on for the week which you can access online. This aspect is so convenient and helpful in knowing exactly what you need to do to improve. In addition to private lessons, Nancy throws bi-monthly "String Flings" which allow all of her students to meet for drinks, food and a mini group lesson. I was hesitant at first to attend (sometimes I can be shy), but I immediately realized how nice it was to meet others who were enjoying this as much as I was. Plus, getting to jam with fellow fiddlers is a blast! The community that she has created with Leggy Fish is something I'm proud to be a part of and has even inspired me as a teacher. I'll stop rambling, but do yourself a favor and give Nancy a try for violin. You won't regret it."
-Kevin N. (Adult Learner) Los Angeles, CA

​"I've been taking lessons for the last couple of years with Nancy at Leggy Fish and it has been a pleasure! Not only do I enjoy the lessons, but I love the sense of community Nancy instills with her string fling events and recitals. Nancy is always patient and encouraging and I always look forward to my lessons."
-Amanda r. (Adult Learner) Los Angeles, CA

"I started playing the violin in my mid 30s (6 years ago) and have had 3 teachers with Nancy being the most recent (and I can't imagine ever leaving her). She is incredibly professional, playful - yet firm - and her home gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling - the perfect learning environment (for me at least). If you're willing to put in the time, you'll get a lot out of her instruction, meet awesome people and have a blast!"
-TiTina F. (Adult Learner) Los Angeles, CA

"Learning the violin with Nancy has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. I cannot stress how important it is to have a good teacher when trying to learn. Nancy brings so much charisma and passion to each lesson. Nancy always has great advice to improve technical play and makes each lesson incredibly fun.Nancy always goes the extra mile by setting up small events like string flings and mini field trips. String flings are great chances to meet Nancy's other students while eating, chatting and playing together. Everyone is very friendly and it is great to meet other people who share a passion for music. Nancy also plans great "field trips" such as a recent one to see Joshua Bell and the LA Philharmonics at the Hollywood Bowl. It was an incredibly fun experience that showcased the very best in violin play. An even more impressive feat was that Nancy somehow convinced management to let our entire group backstage to meet Joshua Bell after the show. These are just a few of the things that shows how much Nancy cares about her craft and how hard she works to share that passion with her students.  I would definitely recommend Nancy to anyone looking to learn the violin. Whether you are an adult or have a child who wants to learn, she is the perfect person to put you at ease and start your violin journey."
-Andrew M. (adult learner) Los Angeles, CA

"I wish there were more than 5 stars! Nancy's energy and exuberance for teaching is so motivating. I have only had 6 violin lessons with her but it has already been very rewarding. I must say my playing at this moment sounds like dying cats and when I practice at home I get so frustrated. I feel like giving up until I see Nancy at my lesson and then within minutes she energizes me to keep going!  She never ever makes you feel badly for your mistakes or in my case, horrendous playing. She always offers great suggestions and ways to
keep you excited about the violin. I have such a large respect for violinists and the instrument itself. Even better, I got to go on my first violin "field trip" to the Hollywood Bowl to see the esteemed Joshua Bell! Nancy even worked her magic to allow her students to meet him in person! That was one of those unforgettable moments. Nancy's attitude is so positive, quirky,  childlike and  contagious. I would recommend her to anyone, kid or adult, in a heartbeat!"
-Jeannie L. (Adult Learner) Los Angeles, CA

"Nancy is fabulous. As a 20-year classroom teacher who now trains and coaches teachers, I can say with confidence that she has it all.  Nancy is a natural at connecting, encouraging, and inspiring, but she also understands that teaching is a craft that must be studied and practiced as its own art form.  She manages to weave so much into each lesson with my son - sight reading, rhythm, tempo, musical vocabulary, proper hand position, composition, tone...  and she never forgets fun.  Nancy has forged a beautiful relationship with my 7-year-old son, who loves to test limits.  She knows when she can charm him into trying one more time, and when he needs a firmer hand. I appreciate that Nancy encourages independence, holds him to high standards, and has a ready laugh.  We couldn't  ask for more!"
-Dana B. (parent of 7 year old learner) Los Angeles, CA

"Nancy has been my children's violin teacher for almost 2 years now. My kids love her and look forward to lessons each week.  She has helped them compose their own music and encourages them to listen to various types of music while still indulging thei​r Disney song choices.  She is very patient and clicks well with my kids' goofy sense of humors but at the same time, maintains her authority.  She is a great person and teacher!"
-Lily L. (parent of 7 and 9 year old learner) Burbank, CA

"Nancy is an extraordinary, hardworking teacher. I am an adult beginner and I am so grateful I started learning with Nancy. Learning can be so frustrating but Nancy energy is encouraging. She goes above the role of instructor and also hosts group "flings" where adult students can "jam" at our various levels and hang out. She also organizes recitals for her students to showcase our work to each other and family/friends. These additional efforts are a testament to her investment and passion she shares with her students."

-Joelle M. (adult learner) Los Angeles, CA

"After searching online for violin teachers, i'm glad I chose to go to Nancy! She's very sweet, very helpful with any of my questions and always brings fun energy to our lessons. She knows I play mostly by ear and she consistently helps me with reading music while also letting me play all the film scores i'm interested in learning. I take her hour long individual classes, and it feels as if 10 mins went by. She makes playing so fun that I always look forward to going and I always leave with a smile on my face."

-Jenna S. (Adult Learner) Los Angeles, CA

"Love love lessons with Nancy, she's the best. Been taking Adult Beginner Group Violin lessons since Summer 2013. It's the first time I've ever picked up a violin and it's going well so far. She's such a great teacher and she keeps the lessons affordable. It's been a blast and I'm learning so much."

-Victoria F. (Adult Learner) Los Angeles, CA

"I've been taking violin lessons from Nancy for 1 year. Her teaching always challenges me, and keeps me interested in practicing. She is a certified instructor. A professional teacher; NOT just some excellent session musician that decided to teach in between gigging. You can tell that she truly has a passion for teaching, because she is concerned about your progress in what you have decided to be your musical priority. I am an instructor myself in a few other fields in music, so I'm actually pretty critical about how a student can maximize his or her learning. Nancy really caters to how a student takes on new information, and focuses on maintaining already learned skills as well. She also teaches me the Viola, and string arranging, so you can imagine how organized my PERSONAL lesson plan needs to be in order to keep my playing and writing as well rounded as possible. She knows so much about strings, teaches violin and viola with passion, and tops her experience off as an instructor/ session musician with abubbly, exciting personality."

-Derrick A. (Adult Learner) Los Angeles, CA

"Seriously one of the best music lessons I've had EVER! (And I've had many in guitar, piano, etc...) I have always been curious about learning the violin, so I found Nancy on Yelp and read her other reviews and figured I would give her a shot. She more than exceeded my expectations. She is a fantastic teacher, a virtuoso on the violin,

patient and motivating, yet not afraid to make adjustments and recommendations if you are doing something wrong. I would recommend her to anyone for a violin teacher!  Come to her if you want a fun, challenging, and nurturing environment while you are improving yourself as a musician."-Meg F. (adult learner) Los Angeles, CA   

"Nancy is a great violin teacher! I just finished her beginner class and will be continuing into the next session. I've never had any kind of music lessons so I came into it cold. I am learning how to read music and can even play a bit. I should mention I'm an adult student. I look forward to the class on Saturdays, she creates a positive environment for instruction. I never thought I would be continuing my lessons but here I am!"

-Jennifer G. (adult learner) Los Angeles, CA

"Learning violin as an adult...can be a daunting undertaking.  That being said, the help of the right teacher will make a tremendous difference.  I had a couple of lessons in the past but I felt like I was being plugged into a formula that may have worked for others but that didn't work for me. That was until I found Nancy.  I cannot praise her enough. My lessons are catered to my needs and to my progress. She is knowledgeable, patient, funny, and a wonderful teacher.  I am seeing progress in my playing and confidence as a player and I owe that to her.  Thanks Nancy!!!"​

-Larissa S. (Adult Learner) Los Angeles, CA

"I started a Yelp profile just to let y'all know how dope Nancy is! As a beginner adult violinist, I'm looking for a teacher who is patient but persistent and above all, fun because who wants to go to class on Saturday afternoon if your teacher sucks. She's been able to get our loud, rowdy group of 5 to play together as a group over 8 weeks while also providing really solid individual instruction. I'm always excited after class to play and listen to music, especially after hearing one of her impromptu performances (she's a baller violinist)...! In conclusion, go to Nancy for group or individual violin lessons. She's mad chill and amazing at what she does and learning to play the violin with her is truly one of the most rewarding musical experiences I've had."

-Vasudha D. (Adult Learner) Los Angeles, CA

"I love Nancy!  I'm currently taking her beginner lessons in a group of 7 at the Atwater Playhouse, and it's been a great experience.  Even in a group setting, Nancy is great about pointing out areas of improvement for each individual.  But group work also  gives us an opportunity to learn from each other and was also more affordable for me.  I feel like I've learned quite a bit in the last 7 weeks and have come to value good technique and intonation - which Nancy loves to emphasize.  She also offers private lessons, Skype lessons, etc etc.  But any opportunity - group or individual - to learn from her is a good one.  I highly recommend working with Nancy!"-Catherine J. (Adult Learner), Los Angeles, CA  

"I've been taking lessons from Nancy for almost 2 years now and I must say she is one of the best instructors I've ever had the pleasure of studying with. Nancy has been very patient with me as I struggle to keep practicing at regular intervals, but doesn't merely sit back and let me sink into a groove. She continually strives to push me to new limits every time I feel like I'm about to plateau into oblivion. One of the best things about taking lessons with Nancy is that she makes them fun and interesting. I always wonder where the time went. If I would have merely resorted to "self-taught" violin playing...I'd probably be about 1/10 of where I am now in my progression in the classical violin. That's no exaggeration!"

-Fred S. (Adult Learner) Los Angeles, CA

"Nancy is such a good and patient teacher! She does so good helping out with reminders during the lesson, and encourages you never to give up!"

-Vanina C. (Adult Learner) Los Angeles, CA

"Nancy is a great teacher both in person and on Skype. I'm an adult beginner interested in both classical violin and fiddling. I had looked all over at teachers in LA when I started and she had the best combination of being affordable, flexible in scheduling, and responsive. She's friendly, enthusiastic, and adapts to help students learn what they

want to play. I started off in person but then moved and am continuing my lessons with Skype. In between I tried learning more on my own, but when I picked back up with

Skype I realized the value in continuing to have a teacher, even if not in person. I definitely recommend her.

-"David B. (adult Skype learner) Raleigh, North Carolina

Nancy makes violin lessons fun! She mixes it up. Our daughter really enjoys the pre-class yoga stretching too! She has a great way of engaging her and keeping her interested for the full hour (even though she's only 7!). She throws in some duets for them and writes songs. AT ther school recital, she received a lot of compliments for her form and playing."

-Sara W. (Mother of 7 year old Learner) San Francisco, CA 

"I would not hesitate to recommend Nancy to others. She is a very patient violin teacher and very willing and able to adapt her lessons to suit her student's needs." 

-Briony J. (Adult Learner) San Francisco, CA

"I love that she incorporates improvisation and composition from the very beginning in a way that even a six-year-old can grasp and enjoy."

-Susan Z. (Mother of 6 year old Learner) San Francisco, CA